Hi, We are Marco, Mariëlle and together with our daughter Fenne and at the time still two dogs we have been living in beautiful Rauris since the summer of 2019 and are the proud owners of House Enzian.

pursue dreams

We both have a great passion for snow and mountain sports and so a few years ago we also discovered the freeride and ski touring parts of skiing. The Rauriser Valley lends itself very well to this and when we saw House Enzian for sale we knew we wanted to live here.

In the Summer of 2019 it was time to start a new life for all of us. Fenne to the Volksschule here in Rauris and for us a guesthouse with new experiences, challenges and we made our plan to give the house and apartments a fresh new look in the autumn.

In doing so, we actually do everything ourselves. Marco is super skilled and makes walls, cabinets and other furniture. Marielle and Fenne are more into painting and decorating. In this way the house really becomes our home. We find it important to (re)use materials or buy from local suppliers with the aim to combine tradition and comfort. So you will find in each apartment self-designed and handmade cabinets, own photos and local artwork and use of traditional items, but everything in a new look, or what contributes to a real Austrian vacation!

Enjoy life and make your dreams come true


woman of the house


man of the house


the sun in the house


guardian of the house

Winter Start

The ski season is just around the corner, starting on 16 December.

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