About us

Hi there!

We are Marco, Marielle and Fenne Docter. Together with our two dogs we live in Rauris since July 2019 and we are the proud owners of House Enzian.

Chasing dreams….

As a child I (Mariëlle) already dreamed of the mountains and never wanted to go home when the holiday ended. And when we got to know each other, we fed each other's love for the mountains and whenever we could we went to Austria. We both have a great passion for snow and winter sports, and we have also experienced the more challenging sides of skiing, such as freeride and ski touring.


We lived and worked more and more to finance our passion and the dream started to grow. Why would we drive to the mountains every time? And what if we could stay there? A house in the mountains seemed to be the solution, but where do you leave all your family and friends? Almost by chance we saw Haus Enzian and we fell in love instantly. A new future was born.

And so, we started on July 1 with the rental of 4 holiday apartments and in the meantime, we had to move our stuff from Holland to Austria. With a summer full of new experiences and challenges with renovating, working and living among guests, we learned so much. And with that knowledge and understanding we started to work on the house and the apartments in fall 2019 to give them a fresh new look.


In 3 months, we did all we could. We did almost everything ourselves and with our own specialism. Marco made wooden walls, cupboards and bathrooms ready. And Marielle was more of wall papering, painting and decorating. In this way the house really becomes ours. We also both like old materials and we find it important to (re)use the local materials. In this way we automatically combine tradition with comfort. In every apartment you will find self-designed and handmade cupboards, our own photos and personal images and you will see tradition with luxury ... Everything to make your holiday be truly Austrian.